Why we do it...

America’s true past time has the potential to teach life and leadership skills in a way that few sports can. Interception Foundation sees the growth and development of the game as something that goes hand in hand with the development of young men.

Would you consider partnering with Interception Foundation to achieve these two goals?

Interception Foundation came into existence out of a desire to develop leaders and to see the game grow. Most of the board members of the Interception Foundation have been affiliated with the small, but growing, community of American football in the Czech Republic by way of playing, coaching, or supporting teams within the country. Because of these previous relationships, IF will start by focusing on leadership and football development within the Czech Republic, eventually growing to host camps and clinics across Europe and the world. IF was founded out of a need to find a way to resource and equip teams to develop the game across Czech, while at the same time having a positive influence on an entire generation of young men.

What we do...

The Interception Foundation (IF) strives to make a difference in the lives of young men and boys around the world. We aim to use principles taught in the sport of American football to teach leadership skills to boys in hopes that they become better students, teammates, and young men. IF seeks to maximize the platform of coaches throughout Europe and the world, to put them into a position to intercept boys and, by teaching them the lessons of American Football, turn them into young men and leaders.

Through Interception Foundation, Inc, we hope to:

  • Teach the leadership skills and life lessons associated with playing American football.
  • Resource coaches, teams, and players abroad with money, resources, and equipment to further the goals of IF.
  • Bring resources of people from all levels of the game in the United States who identify with IF’s goals to advance the game of American football abroad.
  • To teach leadership principles via Am. Football.
The old lessons (work, self-discipline, sacrifice, teamwork, fighting to achieve) aren’t being taught by many people other than football coaches these days. The football coach has a captive audience and can teach these lessons because the communication lines between himself and his players are more wide open than between kids and parents. We better teach these lessons or else the country’s future population will be made up of a majority of crooks, drug addicts, or people on relief.
— Coach Bear Bryant